Our Values


Our Values Set Us Apart

Maybe it’s that we are a family company. We just want to do good by the customers who buy our cereal and by the employees who work hard making affordable nutritious breakfasts. In the process, we want to build stronger communities and respect the environment. Too much to ask? We don’t think so.



Our people are the key to the quality of our cereals and our growth. We’re committed to providing a safe and stable work environment, a culture of mutual respect, and opportunities for career advancement.


Healthy Planet

Part of offering a better breakfast is delivering it in a way that is as gentle as possible on the earth. Healthy families and healthy communities can’t thrive without a healthy planet. We’ve established long-range goals to reduce our use of resources and the waste we create. Conserving resources – it’s a “better way”


Knowing that a balanced breakfast is directly linked to children’s performance in school and in maintaining a healthy weight, we are constantly looking for ways to include quality, nutritious ingredients in our cereals, including whole grains and essential vitamins and minerals.


We are already committed to renewable energy and to continuing to learn and grow, which is why we’re a proud member of the Sustainability Consortium® and Sustainable Brands®.

We’re Saving Families Money

Over the last six years, we have saved families over one billion dollars on breakfast cereal in the United States compared to the total cost of an equivalent amount of the other leading national brands¹. That’s a pretty tasty deal.